Mold flow analysis is a kind of manufacturing information parameterization technology, which can simulate the process of filling liquid metal into mold cavity under high pressure and high speed, and get metal die casting after being blocked. In the process, the failure factors of die are found, and then the design process and process problems of die casting die are improved.

The flow analysis of die casting die can simulate three-dimensional entity with different thickness and shape. Through the analysis, we can know whether the parts are filled, such as shot and bubble, and whether the parts can be filled. It can not only pre cut the deformation of parts, find and correct the defective mold prototype, but also provide other effective information such as injection pressure and mold closing pressure.

The key factors of die flow analysis are accuracy, solution speed and image processing effect. Accuracy is the prerequisite of each technology. Only on the basis of accuracy can the next step of information analysis and utilization be carried out, and speed is the key factor to improve the application efficiency. The image processing effect directly affects people's visual acceptance. It is an effect closest to the real state and will be the guarantee of accuracy.

The introduction of mold flow analysis technology in manufacturing industry can not only reduce the production cost, but also improve the production efficiency of the production line and maintain the normal production order. It is a highly stable and scientific technology.

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