Automobile Industry

Because of the good physical properties of SMC and BMC, they are widely used in automobile industry. For example, bumper, seat frame, battery box, under hood, structural beam, etc.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, due to the good thermal insulation performance of SMC and BMC, and anti-skid and anti-corrosion, they are often applied to roof components, shower base, sink, bathtub floor system, external door panel, etc.

Sanitary Facilities

The bathroom is equipped with SMC ceiling and chassis, with high density and high strength. Through the embedded seamless assembly with VCM wall, the bathroom chassis is watertight, without any traditional waterproof engineering, so that your bathroom is never wet.

Electrical Industry

In terms of electrical appliances, SMC and BMC are widely used in the production of electrical shell, switch, circuit board, heat insulation board and fuse due to their high strength, corrosion resistance, low water absorption and flame retardancy. SMC and BMC are very flexible raw materials, which can be customized and modified according to the use conditions of customers' finished products, so as to adapt to the application environment of products to the greatest extent.

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