Taizhou Huangyan Ningguang Mould Co., Ltd. not only provides customers with high-quality molds, but also provides later product production. The company has more than 500 tons, 800 tons, 1500 tons, 2000 tons, 2500 tons and other presses, which can meet the needs of mold test and production of various sizes.

SMC is a kind of sheet molding compound, which is a kind of mixed polymer resin. BMC is a mixture of agglomerated thermosetting plastic resin. Because of its short fiber, the fluidity of BMC is slightly better than that of SMC. SMC and BMC materials are superior to metal materials in that they can be customized according to the requirements of processing and end customers.

In the production process of SMC and BMC products, the laying method of raw materials is also very important. The laying of materials needs to adjust the cutting method, size and weight of raw materials according to the structure of products, considering the fluidity of raw materials and welding position. Improper laying of materials will lead to problems such as gaps and cracks in products.

All SMC or BMC products have a flash cleaning process. If the mold is of high quality, the flash will be very thin, and the cleaning process is very simple. The flash cleaning process can be operated automatically or manually.

Ningguang company strictly controls the production process of products, and each link is tracked by professionals to ensure that problems are found and solved as soon as possible.

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