Guarantee of BMC mould precautions in storage, pressing and production of BMC materials
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The quality of BMC material is directly related to the quality of BMC mold, which is the guarantee basis of BMC mold quality. Therefore, the BMC mould experts of Ningguang mould specially talk about the matters needing attention in the storage, pressing and production of BMC materials.

Some precautions in storage, pressing and production of BMC materials may not be paid attention to by every company. However, as the drafting unit of GB / t23641-2009 standard for fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester molding plastics for electrical purposes, Ningguang mould has always been strict in this respect.

1、 Storage requirements: since BMC material is a curing material, curing reaction will occur at high temperature.
Storage should pay attention to:
(1) BMC / SMC is a finite life, it has an optimal molding time, so in order to form in the best time, we must pay attention to the viscosity of BMC / SMC.
(2) Before the use of BMC / SMC, we suggest that the material should be restored to room temperature before opening the package, so as to avoid the formation of condensed water, which may affect the processing and performance of the products.
(3) Shelf life: it is generally recommended that BMC / SMC should be stored in a cool and dry environment, and the temperature should be controlled below 25 ℃, which can be used for 60 days.
(4) Safety notice: BMC / SMC material contains volatile gas and glass fiber. Sufficient ventilation must be provided in the molding area to avoid gas accumulation. At the same time, excessive contact of human skin with raw materials should be avoided.

2、 Pressing process:
(1) In the process of use, it is necessary to avoid direct blowing of exhaust air and fan to BMC material, and keep away from the temperature of press and mold as far as possible.
(2) Please do not open all the bags of BMC material. It is better to take materials from the bag mouth and press the bag mouth after taking it. The material to open the bag should be used within one hour.
(3) In order to facilitate the use, it is better to use a plastic box with a cover to place materials and press small products. It is better to take 5-10kg each time and place them in the plastic box, and re tie the bag mouth of BMC material.

3、 Precautions in production:
(1) Before going to work every day, check whether the stripping formwork and pole frame are consistent with the products.
(2) Before going to work every day, we must carry out spot check on the mould, and sign in the mould spot check form after the spot check.
(3) In the beginning, we must control the heating time of the mold. Different varieties have different heating time, different climate temperature, and different heating time.
(4) The first mock exam the second mock exam the first mock exam must take off the product and see if the product is well shaped. If there are any problems, find the responsible person.
(5) After demoulding, the upper and lower molds should be placed orderly, the mold numbers of the upper and lower molds should be consistent, and the stripped products should also be placed well.
(6) In the process of making, if you have time, clean the material on the table, and after adding the material, clean the material on the ground.
(7) After each feeding, the heating time of the mould should be well controlled, and the pressure should be increased by 2, and the injection time should be increased by 1 second. After making several molds, the parameters should be adjusted to the original appearance.
(8) When installing the mold, make sure that the remaining material on the mold is cleaned, especially the lower plane of the gate and upper mold.
(9) In production, if there is nothing wrong with the machine, it is better not to let the machine stop, and try to keep the machine running. It is forbidden to take a rest for a few molds. During the break, turn off the motor and cooling air conditioner of the machine.
(10) Every time after work, you should clean your work area, including the table, the ground, and the inside and outside of the machine. After work, you should put away the gloves, change the bad ones the next day, keep the good ones, and continue to use them next time. It is forbidden to change the good gloves.
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